Tetris™ Instructions

Tetris™ is one of the most famous classic arcade Games. On this page you can play a free online version inspired by the classic Tetris™. You can start playing by pressing the "Play" button right in the middle of the game screen.

The aim of Tetris™ is to collect as much points as possible by bringing the blocks into the right alignment. Every fully filed row gets removed and the player receives points. The more points you collect, the faster the game gets. And the faster the game is, the harder it gets - thats the thrill of Tetris™!

We also offer a Highscore so players can compete with their skills. So just start your first round of free online Tetris™ its almost the same as the original :).

PS: In the future we plan to provide more classic games (like Mahjong, Pacman or Solitaire).

Tetris™ Controls

  • Arrow-Key "Up": Rotate the falling Block
  • Arrow-Key "Left" / "Right": Move the falling Block to left / right
  • Arrow-Key "Down": Move the block faster to the bottom (to speed the game up)